7 reasons to learn English: all the advantages!

he advantages!

Did you know that with over 360 million native speakers , English is the third most spoken language in the world? Not to mention that it is also the most influential language in terms of its international use. English is indeed learned by a large number of people as a second or third language, thus making it possible to communicate with people all over the world. Even if you didn’t learn it from childhood , it’s never too late!

Thus, mastering English is an essential tool for travelling  ! If you do not master the local language, you will indeed have a good chance of being able to make yourself understood. Whether it is to communicate with locals and other travellers, to make yourself understood in everyday life or even to manage the unexpected, English will be useful to you in many situations. This will make your stay more pleasant and you will be able to fully enjoy your trip!

English for your career: a real plus!

Nowadays, English in the world of work is no longer even considered an asset: it is essential! Indeed, the business world is increasingly connected internationally, which means that more and more companies are using English to communicate – including in non-English speaking countries.

Thus, a professional level of English is essential for your CV . In particular, it will allow you to progress in your career towards positions of greater responsibility. Whether it’s hosting meetings, making phone calls or writing a business letter in English, your superiors will have plenty of opportunities to call on your English skills!

All in all, English is a must to progress in your career and access more opportunities ! So, what are you waiting for?

English to find work in France and abroad

Can’t find a job that suits you or are you experiencing rejection letters? How about taking this time to improve your English skills  ? Professionals who know English are more likely to succeed, regardless of the field or sector of activity.

In all, English is an essential advantage on the job market, both in France and abroad!

Learn English to communicate with internationals

As an international language, English will allow you to communicate and make yourself understood almost anywhere in the world. After all, what could be better than being able to open up to the world and  learn from other cultures and visions of the world  ?

Learning English will indeed allow you to create many new interactions and meet people from different backgrounds – something you would have thought unthinkable before! Whether through a language exchange or during a stay with English speakers, English will allow you to forge links while improving yourself continuously.

You will also be able to communicate more easily with people around the world on social networks. Indeed, among the millions of comments, articles and videos posted every day, most are in English. With English, you will be able to exchange with an Icelandic as well as a Japanese or an Australian from all over the world! And don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally right away, the important thing is to get started. After all: practice makes perfect  !

Tired of watching films and series in VF with dubbing that does not correspond to the movement of the lips? What could be better than improving your English to be able to watch your favorite series in original version!

There’s no point in waiting to start bing-watching in English, learn continuously from the start by starting by watching in VO with French subtitles, then VO with English subtitles, and finally: VO period! As mentioned above, learning a language does not happen overnight. The important thing is therefore to become familiar with English by immersing yourself as much as possible in the language.

So even if you don’t understand everything from the start (which is highly possible if you’re a beginner), there’s no point in being alarmed. Do not dwell on the small details and focus on the general context. A few words and intonations will be enough for you to more or less understand the gist of the plot. The more you look in VO, the more you will understand and assimilate vocabulary words and expressions. So start now!

What are the advantages ?

The more English movies you watch, the more your ears will become accustomed to different accents and expressions. Little by little, your understanding of English will improve without you even realizing it  ! You will then be able to reuse the vocabulary heard during a trip or a conversion into English with a foreigner, for example.

Nothing to say, films and series in original version, it’s really the best! So don’t wait any longer and improve your English to finally be able to revisit your favorite series and films such as Notting Hill or Friends – you won’t regret it!

Learn English during and for your studies

Are you currently a student? If you want to embark on university studies, English will be very useful to you throughout your academic career . Whether at conferences or to carry out research, a good command of English will be essential for you. Also, more and more universities abroad but also in France offer Licenses and Masters taught entirely in English.

In addition, whether applying to foreign or French universities or schools, English is an important element for your file . It will indeed be a major asset to set you apart from other students and access the studies of your choice. A good command of English indicates to universities in particular your ability to adapt and learn as well as your intellectual curiosity.

Finally, some schools require specific results in English. You will therefore have to pass the IELTS or the TOEFL and obtain a certain score to be accepted into the university of your choice. Even though these tests are not very complicated, you will still need to prepare for them in advance to be sure of reaching your goal. You wouldn’t want a bad score on your English test to prevent you from going to the school of your dreams! One more reason to improve your English!

As you will have understood, in a world increasingly connected to the international world, English is as essential in the professional sphere as in the academic world.

Learn English for fun

Isn’t the best reason to learn English ultimately to have fun  ? English is indeed a fairly simple language allowing rapid progress, but complex enough to keep you motivated and stimulate your learning.

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